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Greg Eaton
Technology Management


    This website has been in operation since the early nineties. It has, since that time, showcased the consultancy that Greg Eaton had started in the late seventies. Greg has provided coordinated consultancy services during those thirty odd years and has drawn on his own expertise and as well as that of selected and contracted colleagues. His expertise and project management experience therefore covers many areas from petroleum mining through electronics design and manufacture to such diverse things as culturing fungi for drug discovery operations and medical diagnostics manufacture and technology marketing.

    Greg, as an independent professional, can quickly merge with and even manage a corporate team to investigate, report, advise, assist, market, solve, or expedite most issues and challenges facing a technology based business and its investors.  
    Some of the areas of experience include (but not limited to):


Research and Development

Planning, Costing, Review, Management, Grant Applications


Business Planning

Business Plans, Budgeting, "Think Tanking"; Re-Engineering,
Out-Sourcing, Policy Development Technical Due-Diligence
Executive and Team Mentoring, IPO strategies and execution



Assistance in modeling and modifying research directions and business planning to better match product and market profiles developed from extensive market and industry research



Project Planning

Planning, Budgeting, Management, Review



Coordinating and chairing and or leading business negotiations;
Contractual, Dispute Resolution, Marketing, Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales,
Government (Local, State, Federal and International)


Technical Solutions

Investigation, Audit, Report on issues including; Asset Registers,
Technical Solutions, Technical Reviews, Peer Review,
Insurance Loss Adjusting, Risk Minimisation Studies


Expert Testimony

Expert Witness Provision, Legal Counsel Technical Tutoring


Environmental Protection

Toxic Waste Disposal, Biodiversity Protection,
Sustainable Development, Biodiversity Policy Development




    Greg will quickly respond to any enquiry and is available to work in any state or country
                              preliminary enquiries  or greg@eatonco.net

                        The LinkedIn profile of Greg Eaton can be found here.